Where is the location of this business?
This online shop is based in Singapore. All prices are in Singapore dollars, and meet-ups are also in Singapore. We do however, ship to worldwide and accept payments from overseas. Business transactions are standard, it is just that we offer local customers more options and flexibility.

Is shipping free?
Yes! We do provide free shipping for local deliveries. For shipment out of Singapore, kindly contact us and we will email you regarding the rates.

How do I order and pay?
Send an email to us at giftofai[at]gmail[dot]com with the items you want to buy and your preferred mode of payment. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Or simply leave a comment to us here! Or contact us through Facebook if you wish (see last question of this FAQ).

What are the available payment methods?
You can pay either by bank transfer through OCBC, POSB/DBS or Standard Chartered, or through Paypal, which do allow transactions done using credit cards too. Alternatively, you can choose to pay by cash, and ask for a face to face transaction.

Can I request for a face to face transaction?
Yes! Regardless of your payment method, you can choose for a face to face delivery. But do note that you will have to come down to Yishun MRT Station. Please understand that while it is not possible to meet at buyer’s convenience all the time, we will make it a point to try to accommodate to buyer’s preferred timing.

I suddenly decide that I do not want the items I bought anymore. Can I return them?
Yes! Should you decide that you do not want the item anymore, simply send it back to us and we will transfer the money back to your account. However, do note that the cost of delivery when returning the goods will be borne by the customer, and the goods must be in a brand new condition with no defects.

The item I bought is defective when I received it.
In such a case, kindly take a picture of it along with a description of its defect and email us the details within 7 days for local and 21 days for overseas from the order sent date. We will proceed to send you another new product or give you a full refund should the item be unavailable.

Do you have a Facebook page which I can like?
Yes we have! Simply go to the top of the page where you can see a Facebook logo. Click on it, and like us! From time to time we conduct promotions on Facebook!

Why should I like your Facebook page?
Liking our Facebook page will ensure that you get the latest updates immediately as long as you log in to your Facebook account, without having the need to constantly come back to this website to check for new items. Also, sometimes promotions are held on Facebook for our friends! What are you waiting for? Scroll up to the top of the page, look for that Facebook logo, click on it, like the page!

What is the difference between normal postage and registered mail?
Normal postage is provided by us free. However do note that there is no way to track it, and in the event the mail is lost on the way, we will not be held responsible for the lost mail. While Singapore mail is considered safe, accidents do happen. What we can do is to uphold our reputation that we do indeed send out our packages, afterall we are running a business and do not want a one-time business but a repeat business. By paying more for a registered package, your item can be fully tracked and accounted for. I will suggest paying more for the registered article if your mail is expensive.

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