January 2016

January 11th, 2016

1 Jan - New Year

2 Jan - 

3 Jan - Moved from Lower Hutt to Dannevirke. Stayed in Cor's house. Cor is from Holland.

4 Jan - 

5 Jan - 

6 Jan - 

7 Jan - Cor approached me to set up a website and Trademe listing for his coffin business.

8 Jan - Took full licence driving practical test, failed. Rebooked again for the slot 2 hours later. Car would not start. Unable to take test.

9 Jan -  Cor said I could just help him out in his work in exchange for free rent.

10 Jan - Agreed to help Cor in his coffin business.

11 Jan - Started emailing people on supply of coffins.

14 Jan - Reversed car and knocked into a pole. Probably will cost about $100 to repair it.

15 Jan - Saw gay porn tab opened on Cor's computer as I was fixing his printer. Stunned for quite a while and did not know what to make of it. Decided to keep it quiet. Got a call from a fish & chips store asking me to start work tomorrow. Low level job, but still a job. Want to concentrate the rest of my energy on my business. Job pays $10 an hour as a start as I am still in 'training period'.

16 Jan - First day at work at the fish & chips store. Lady boss ask me to eat whatever I want from the mixed vegetable rice they were selling. I asked to take some leftover food after closing since they were going to feed them to the pigs. Take some home and save some lunch money (since breakfast and dinner is free). Drove home in the dark. Very few street lamps on the road, and mostly are just dark. Feels just a bit eerie.

17 Jan - Lady boss (Lucy) asked me to go to work 2 hours earlier at 1500h. I guessed because I am under 'training' and get paid $10 per hour, might as well use me more. Same thing after work, drove home mostly alone in the dark. Sometimes I thought if I walk I might have the tendency to run, but I am already driving at 100km/h or more. There is a limit to how fast you can drive. But this is just a passing thought. I am not scared or anything.

18 Jan - Lucy asked me to go at 1200h for work. It must really be that $10 deal she has for now. But 1 hour worked is $10 gained. I need money now. Later Lucy asked me if I want to go back early to rest since Monday is a slack day. I asked her to let Ashley (another colleague there) choose. Ashley at first was undecided, but she later decided to go back early. I worked till 2020h today. Slightly earlier. I prefer to go to work earlier because it was just back-end job. I don't like to do the dishes or face customers.

19 Jan - Thought of putting a camera in my car as I go to and from work everyday to film the scenery I see and post on Facebook.

22 Jan - Yan insisted on buying 2 pants for me because the grey one I had was torn. We quarrelled a while but I gave in later.

23 Jan - Hooked on to Reddit nosleep sub-forum. Managed to go into negotiation with an Israeli company on a visual effects project. Also received a PM from a university student via Hardwarezone asking if I am able to do his project for him. Hope both deals go through. Tried to find a similar subforum on Reddit to post Black Fairytale, but seem to be unable to find a suitable one.