Month: October 2018


Recently I realized that Chinese music from China has progressed a lot. From the old type of music that although may be nice but does not attract a lot of overseas fans, it has progressed to a form which appeals to foreigners. More like Taiwan music in the past.

For example, a typical Chinese song from China which may be nice and popular but which does not really appeal to me:

An example of older Taiwan song which I liked (nowadays the songs really suck)

But recently there are more and more China Chinese music which appeals to me.

And as I searched for the singer / band of the song in the last video, I came to a page (similar to a page of a Youtube uploader in China) where this pops up.

It is not the singer of course. What attracts me is the subtitle of this page:
which translates to
I have liked you for a year, but because of her, the one whom you love, you have disliked me for a year.

I am not at that age where I still dwell in such emo romance. But it did bring back feelings of nostalgia. And weirdly, it prompted me to start this personal blog which I have been dragging and hesitating to. This lingering feeling of nostalgia probably will last throughout the day. My sentimental feelings have caused me my fair share of troubles in my 20s, though I have it under much control now.

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