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Recently I realized that the Chinese (in China) has been producing more and more better music. My impression of Chinese music have always been horrible. They kept singing old songs that reeks of patriotism or gusto. Or simply old folk song that only people of my grandfather’s era would even find it remotely interesting. I am pretty sure you all have heard some of it so maybe I will not post a video here to remind everyone how a sample may sound like.

But recently someone close to me has been listening to random Chinese songs on a podcast or radio. There have been nice ones. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to Taiwan and Hong Kong music, and they are Chinese music too. When I said Chinese here, I mean mainland China. Anyways, over time I realized, the better musics are not just a random outlier. They do produce better songs these days.

I do not watch Chinese music shows because many of them have a horrible rendition of an old nice song from Taiwan or Hong Kong, and a crappy panel and audience who fake crying or being touched by their music. Mainstream music by record companies or TV stations are just now crap. I went to the internet and found a bunch of songs sang by people on the internet. The internet has made it easy for everyone to be a producer and to upload their content for all to see, without going through those pesky record companies and their one-sided contracts, and perhaps a few sensual nights with them producers.

Anyways I have started to build up and recreate my playlist, which was too outdated by now, with my newly found songs. Some of which, I admit, have been quite a few years old. Either way. enjoy the music below and see if you have the same taste as me.

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