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After Christopher Columbus found the New World, the North American continent were colonised by the Europeans who had far superior technology, among which were the Russians. The promyshlenniki, merchants and fur trappers which expanded through Siberia arrived in Alaska in 1732. However, just a little over a century later, the Russian Tsar Alexander II sold off the entire Alaska to the US for $7.2 million ($151 million in today’s value) as it was considered a barren wasteland not worth to spend resources defending. The purchase added 1,518,800 square kilometres of land to the US’ territory, which worked out to be $0.42 per acre.

As we know today, Alaska is rich in oil reserves, being one of the top few oil producing states in the US. What was once thought to be a wasteland has become one of the most valuable assets of the US. For those of us who had played the game Civilization before, we would know that as we climbed the technology tree, new resources may be discovered on what was once a piece of barren tile (land). From oil to uranium, the advancement of technology allowed mankind not only to unearth new resources, but also to process them and to use them for practical applications.

That is why we sometimes see countries going to great lengths to fight over pieces of territory, whether big or small. A lesser known territorial dispute would be that between Singapore and Malaysia over an island called Pedra Branca with only a size of 8,560 square metres. Although Singapore held on to the territory mainly for sovereignty reasons, but a secondary reason is that there is that little possibility that the land may cover resources we have not yet discovered. For a land scarce Singapore, that certainly is something significant.

We expand out to the global stage. The South China Sea is an ongoing dispute between China, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia, with some other countries mentioned at times. The Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands) is also another ongoing dispute of China and Japan over sea territory. As always, sovereignty and resources are always the top 2 reasons. The South China Sea has proven to have oil and gas reserves as well as being an important trade route. Dominance over the region will give not only control of the resources but also power in the geopolitical sense.

In the case of South China Sea, China has been militarising the area despite protests from other countries. As much as we want to say that is wrong, there is nothing much the weaker countries can do. Those with the military might have often ignored the claims and pleas of others, doing as they please. The US is such, and China while much better than the US is also no saint. Such is humanity. Whoever is strong sets the rule.

Throughout history, mankind has waged war on each other. From military war to economic warfare, from cultural infiltration to diplomacy, countries have attempted to exert their control not only in physical territory but to establish their domain on different levels as well. We see the rise and fall of empires one after another, and today’s civilisation is no different. Countries we see today may disappear in the future, and countries yet to come may be born in time to come. Humans segregated by geography, by religion, by culture, by race and tribe have been constantly trying to expand out their domain even if it eats into the others.

This is the same when it comes to the internet. Anyone who wishes to have a piece of the territory online that they can truly call their own will have to get a domain name. In my case, my domain name will be Just like the physical territories which countries fight for, a good domain name is worth a lot of money, proved by past cases of high value transactions over the acquisitions of certain strategically important or simply nice sounding domain names.

Lucky for us, we do not need to recruit any military personnel to defend and safeguard our own domain. Simply register an account with Namecheap using the link provided above, and once you have bought an available domain name, it will be yours till the day you give it up. From registering a domain to web hosting, from email set up to getting your own dedicated server, Namecheap has it all covered. Get your own domain today, and expand your presence online in a territory that is truly yours.

Technical Information

Namecheap is a domain registrar which has been around since 2001. Its service includes but are not limited to registering a domain, shared web hosting, virtual prviate server (VPS) hosting, dedicated server hosting, professional email set up, wordpress hosting and reseller hosting.

Domain registration: A domain name is your website’s online unique address. With it, you can use it to set up your professional email address. As it is unique, no 2 websites share the same domain name. Furthermore, some businesses buy up related domains in order to prevent others from attempting to use a similar domain name. The ‘unused’ domain name then points to the address which the business wants it to. For example, is no longer in use but when keyed into the web browser, it points to

Shared hosting: One of the cheapest and default options for new site owners due to its affordability. With shared hosting, you are sharing a space and bandwidth with many others on a single shared server. Suitable for personal blogging and small businesses, shared hosting offers a very cheap option to get your online store set up quickly. Consider it as everyone being in a house and sharing all the common resources such as the toilet, kitchen etc. While on the day to day basis, the resources are sufficient for everyone, but on certain days there may be heavy traffic and things get moving slower. For starters, as long as it is cheap and functional, it is good to go.

VPS hosting: A virtual private server is a virtual machine that is one level above the shared hosting. With a physical partition in the server, you get dedicated resources and root access to your portion of the server, giving you greater control. Suitable for bigger businesses with heavy traffic, for example a game app which utilises more disk space and bandwidth. With administrative access, you are able to customise your portion of the server to suit your needs. One can imagine it as renting a room in the house with its own mini facilities. You are still sharing a living space with the others, but within your own room you are able to customise what you need and the resources inside the room (eg bathroom) are yours to use without the need to share with others.

Dedicated server: As one can infer from reading the above, with a dedicated server, all of the server’s resources are at your disposal. One level above the VPS, the additional resources gives you the option to scale things up another level. Common uses will also include big data processing, gaming servers and cloud computing on a scale which exceeds what a VPS could provide. One can think of it as renting the whole house all to himself, and he does not need to share with anyone.

Reseller hosting: One rents server space and its necessary resources, and rent it out to smaller users. Basically one rents a house and then sublet it to smaller users. With this option, one does not need to invest in expensive infrastructure but simply rent it and leave the physical maintenance of the servers to the web hosting company. While some actively sublets the resources to others for a profit, some use it as part of their client’s portfolio. For example a client may want to have his or her website set up without the need to care about the technicals such as renewing the domain name, monitoring the website’s downtime and backing up of the database etc. The client leaves the designing, hosting and maintenance of the website to the company and pays the company a certain monthly or annual fee. The company may then choose to opt for reseller hosting, where he rents a space then allocates the resources accordingly across all of his clients as it will be more cost efficient for him.

Email hosting: While certain free for all emails such as or offers you all the functionalities required of an email, optics wise it is just not as good as a professional email. With an email tagged to your own domain name such as [email protected], it certainly looks more professional and ready-for-business. However, not all people will require a website. There are some who simply need an email tagged to their business name. In this case, one just needs to register a domain and opt for email hosting. A simple solution for those with simple needs.


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