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In Chinese there is a saying, ‘人靠衣裝,佛靠金裝’. That translate to: humans depend on (wearing nice) clothes, while the Buddha (statue) depends on its gold coverings. While everyone knows not to judge a book by its cover, mankind certainly judges each other based on their outwardly appearances. It is the same for nations, for societies and countries are made up of a collective of humans, and therefore as a group they share the same nature and similarities as an individual human.

Online and offline, we have heard of people making ignorant comments on the state of international affairs. For example, we have people who believe that countries like Palestine, North Korea, Iran and Russia is evil, while Western countries like the US and Europe stand on the side of justice.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, everyone was encouraged to stand with Ukraine, for Russia was the evil force defying international rule. But the news conveniently omitted out the fact that NATO tried to push their boundaries all the way right up to Russia’s doorstep despite repeated warnings not to do so. Likewise, when Israel bombed Palestine and committed crimes, nobody said anything. However, when Palestine started bombing Israel, the news was all out condemning the Palestine terrorists.

War is war. There is no good in war. Whether it is Israel shooting Palestinians or Palestine bombing the Israelis, the people who suffer the most are the common citizens of the country. Some countries go to war for political gain, some to defend themselves, some to free themselves, some for revenge, some to unite the lands which they deemed as belonging to their countries. There are all sorts of reasons. But in war, people die. That is a harsh truth no matter how we look at it, even if the war is inevitable.

The issue arises when certain factions try to sway the public opinion to a certain direction. When the US bombed Iraq for weapons of mass destruction and still unable to find any in the end, it was called freeing the people from the terrors of Saddam Hussain. When the US and NATO bombed Libya for its refusal to transact in USD or Euro for its oil settlement, that is getting rid of an evil dictator.

“If you kill a cockroach you are a hero. If you kill a butterfly you are evil. Morality has aesthetic standards.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Whether it is China ready to take back Taiwan by force, or whether it is Russia swallowing up the lands of Ukraine, it is no different from the wars that US and the Western powers wage. The cockroach and the butterfly are both insects, both contributing to the ecology of our planet Earth. However, the cockroach is ugly and the flying cockroach is especially scary to many compared to the fluttering butterfly.

In war, nobody is innocent.

We have talked about the US controlling the media, which by extension the impression it wishes to create. Through its control of the biggest social media and news outlets, the West had one-sidedly directly and indirectly justified its actions through news publications, movies, songs and social media discussions etc. The brainwashing of the public is more extensive that what many had thought.

One may not wish to have anything to do with North Korea or Iran, for they do not want to do anything to contribute to that evil. However, one willingly watches American movies, eat American junk food, use European luxury bags and watches and drive continental cars. This all has to do with the outwardly appearance that these Western factions had created –  a pure, noble, technological advanced democracy fighting for justice in this world of evil propagated by a few outlaw countries.

I am not saying that certain other countries are holy. No. Every country has its problems, and certainly some more so than the others. Myanmar for example, is known in recent times for its genocide and its heavily operated scam centres and organ trafficking. Japan on the other hand, while committing the inhumane crime of dumping radioactive waste into the sea, is certainly far safer than Myanmar.

But certain countries are really good at covering up their blemishes. The general public see no flaws in the West after all that cover up and justifications.

This is also why make-up and skincare is necessary for all of us, especially the ladies. Stereotypical or not, the ladies generally do care more about their youthful looks more than men. For the outward beauty of a lady takes up a larger portion of the impression people has of her, and consequently how well she will be treated. The right skincare and make-up regime will cover up the most serious of blemishes and retain that pure, youthful look while those who did not take care of their face and body will suffer the merciless wrath of time and ageing.

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