Impending Financial Crisis

They say financial crisis is a 10 year cycle. In 1998, we have the Asian Financial Crisis. In 2008, we have the financial crisis caused by the subprime mortgage and triggered by the collapse of the Lehman Brothers.

This is 2018 now and I am expecting one to come soon. The trade war between US and China is one indication. Trump by no means is a stupid president with a bloated ego. Stupid people don’t win the US Presidential Elections.

In China, the property bubble is ridiculously big, with a huge household debt at its side. The China government does not intend to let the bubble explode. However it is intending to reduce the impact of the bubble and trying to shrink it.

Perhaps we can look at some of the other people who believed the impending financial crisis:
Bill Gates believed it
The Economic Times published an article on it
US News had another article

Why is the financial crisis important? It is the time when cards are shuffled and wealth are redistributed. The rich can become poor and the poor can become rich. It is our chance to make money out of it.

I am not saying that we will be rich overnight, neither am I saying that at the end of it we will definitely be part of the elite circle. I am just saying that by predicting the future and making use of the opportunity, we might be able to earn a fair bit from it.

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