Opportunities In The Financial Crisis

Now that I am of the view that a financial crisis will be coming soon, the question to ask will be: What can I do to capitalize on this advanced knowledge?

A quick Google search on businesses which do well during recession had the following results, provided by thebalancemsmallbusiness.

  1. Accounting services
  2. Bulk food sales
  3. Affordable luxury items
  4. Debt collection agencies
  5. Resume writing services
  6. Auto repair services
  7. Home staging
  8. Virtual assistant
  9. Tutoring services
  10. And the last one which I read elsewhere many times but not on the original list – candy businesses

I shall not go into detail what each of them entails as you can click on the link above for more information. Narrowing down what I could do, I realized I had 3 options:

  1. Buying shares of companies which does business in one or more of the areas above
  2. Do a business of my own in one or more of the areas above
  3. Freelancing in one or more of the areas above

The one I am thinking of is either option 1 or 2. Freelancing would still fall under the area of exchanging my time and energy for money, which defeats the purpose of doing business in the first place.

Out of that, I am also monitoring Facebook’s share prices, which recently made news for diving about 18.8% off its original price. What was interesting was that after the saga with Cambridge Analytica, it continued to climb up to the point where the 18.8% drop in share price was still higher than the price during the data leak crisis. While there is no indication that it will fall further, I am hoping that in the coming months it will fall further and make it attractive enough for me to buy.

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