Supply Issue Resolved

Just yesterday one of the original suppliers I had sent me a ‘mass-sent text’, informing that there are now supplies and ready for grabs. Whether indeed it is a mass-sent text or not I do not know. But that has more or less resolved my supply problems.

Like I said in my previous post, I use a set of market pricing benchmark, which I call platform B. My new ad-hoc suppliers uses platform A. Now that one of my original suppliers has returned (which does not mean I will definitely approach him again), it makes my life better as he uses platform B. This means that now I have choice. I can compare across platforms A and B, and determine for myself which platform has the better price.

Of course this does not assume that the suppliers have unlimited stock and that they are able to give however much I want whenever I want it. Now that supply issue has been more or less stabilized, it is now back to resolving the demand.

Such is business. You are doing your own thing peacefully when all of a sudden things happen which may derail you. You then spend much time and effort trying to get things back to how they were. But it also wakes you up to certain loopholes or vulnerabilities you may have in your business. In this case, after coming out of this supply crunch, I now find myself having more options to trade. Supply wise, I turn out better.

Not a bad ending for now, I guess.

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