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I was away for slightly more than a month, because I attempted to transfer my website to a cheaper webhost. But I had failed to do so, as there were some installations and databases in my current system which was way too old. Never got to update them during my years of neglect, and if I attempted to do anything now it will just screw up everything. I got my friend to help, but there was no success as he is also a half-professional. Gratitude to him for spending hours to help though.

Anyway updates before I go on:
1. I have set up a new small business because my main one was dying. There has been very small success which I will not grumble about.
2. The main one has slowly been recovering but still a long way to go.
3. My stocks went down (at its lowest point I had a paper loss of about $250) but now I have a paper profit of about $600.

Well these are the updates so far. I will post again.

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