Tenant Issues

Just last Sunday I took back the flat I was renting out. Would have wanted to continue renting but something unexpected happened. While unrelated, the tenant apparently also had a lot of pent-up frustration with me over the past few months, which I don’t know about. As far as I am concerned, with all conscience (I know some of you jokers out there gonna say conscience is a subjective shit worth nothing much) I have did my best to be a good landlord.

This tenant is a 49 year old man with a 35 year old wife from China, who was divorced and brought along a 10 year old kid into the marriage. The wife has also just given birth to a new baby girl fathered by the tenant. I am currently 31 this year, while my wife is 35. The situation is that this Chinese woman refused to allow her husband to buy a HDB flat in Singapore as she would not be able to include her name in the property since she has not gotten her Permanent Residency status.

HDB stands for Housing Development Board, which is an agency by the Government of Singapore to provide mass public housing to commoners like me who have no money to buy private housing. It slightly differs from the overseas concept of public housing as most Singaporeans live in HDB flats. While public housing overseas are meant for the really poor people, in Singapore’s context such housing are meant for the general public.

As HDB flats are by the Government, the Chinese women without her PR status could not be allowed to add in her name should her husband decide to get one. Just because she got married to a Singaporean man and have a baby here does not automatically mean she meet the criteria for a PR. As a result of her actions, their family has to move from place to place renting houses.

It has been my long time suspicion that they have been jealous of and unhappy with us over our apparent success over them despite the huge age gap. That the tenant, 18 years older than me, has to rent a flat from me and have me as his landlord. The wife, despite the same age as my wife, has a lower level job and married a much older husband she does not really love.

To give some background to the story, the man is the youngest of all his siblings. There have been many Chinese women marrying single Singaporean men in their 40s, who also happened to be the youngest among their siblings, in an attempt to jump over to Singapore. Of course I am not saying everyone is like that, as there are also many capable Chinese women.

Apparently these men had been pampered their whole lives by their parents and perhaps siblings, such that they have awful characters which no Singaporean women could stand or accept. As they slowly age and still unable to settle down, they turned to Chinese women with lower statuses who are willing to accept them for the opportunity to come to Singapore.

Anyway both the man and the woman had issues, and they decided to move out. On that day I was working, so my wife went down to settle the taking over of the flat. There had been a big quarrel, with certain small value items missing. As my wife was not a very difficult person to deal with (she only screams at me and no one else) she returned the security deposit to the tenant, only to have him threatening us after that that he will create more trouble for us. It made me regretted not changing my shift duty to accompany her. Part of the reason was me wanting to let my wife becoming more independent in handling matters without my presence.

When I returned home I warned him not to create further trouble or face consequences. I do not think it works, but I will certainly not let him go if he tried anything funny. It is one thing to quarrel, it is another to sabotage people with the intention of sinking them. Fortunately, my situation is such that his threat will not work against me, but what I have against him might work. I do not usually go all out to cause trouble to people, but I am unable to tolerate people who bully my wife and attempts to sink us. What I have against him would probably cost his wife her residency status for a long time to come. Given their situation, they would probably have to spend much more money in her child’s education and continue to rent houses for a long time to come, wasting money on rental which could otherwise become housing loan repayments.

For now, one of my streams of income is being cut off.

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