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Today (28 Sep 2018, reposted because I originally published in the wrong place) I attended an ecommerce course which I signed up for few days in advance. It was pretty useful, none of the fluffy crap you hear in some seminars. None of the feel good factor that makes people go rara for 2 hours then deflating after they reach home. Just practical tips and advice. Of course, after doing business for a few years, there were certain tips which I already knew. Some I implemented, some I did not. There were also things which I do not know before. Things that separate the A grade seller from me, a C grade seller. The trainer also made the statement that no successful people had it smooth sailing.

There were 500 people there, but unfortunately due to my more introverted nature I only managed to get to know one person, and it was he who talked to me first. Anyways listening to the trainer speak made me realize of so many more things I need to be doing. I just opened a new business, as mentioned in my previous post, and the amount of effort I need to put in sometimes turns me off. But every bit of success requires every bit of effort, strategising and calculated risk taking.

On my store side, I am getting every friend I can to buy products from my store so they could write a positive review for me. Luckily the commission charged by the platform is not much, and I am able to treat that as advertising fee. Some of you may not agree with this, but let’s be realistic. This is business, not playing house. There is nothing illegal nor immoral about it too. Just a marketing technique which I have to pay too.

On another note, the stock which I bought fell back again. Though I am still on a profit, it moves in a typical stock market manner, up and downs. That being said, I do hope it crosses the target price of $10 (I bought it at $6), where I will cash out my profit of $4000 for the 1000 shares.

Business for my main business is starting to pick up, which I hopefully will hit the levels back in the peak. That being said, the issue of inconsistent supplier is worrying me too.

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