Stagnant Stock Market And Sales

So it has been some time since I bought some shares under the advice of an expert, as mentioned here. And I have bought more shares of another counter under the advice of the same expert too, only this time it is a penny stock. Nothing much was put in, just slightly less than a thousand. That being said, the stocks has been stagnant since I bought it, both counters. They did rise a little and then fall back, and repeat this cycle over and over again. But nonetheless I still have the holding power and it is not like it fluctuate greatly.

On the other hand, things in my new ecommerce store has been moving slow. I had tried different ways to engage the customers, with limited success. Advertising on various platforms yielded little results. I have since tried direct Whatsapping my customers to thank them for shopping with me and doing a short customer survey on why they bought the products they bought. Most ignore me, though there are the few who kindly responded, giving me valuable insights for my next course of action.

I have also downloaded Dolibarr, an ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to keep track of things like my inventory, accounts, customer database etc. I was previously using Excel to track customer sales, inventory, profit & loss etc. But one tiny non-consequential mistake while keying in the data made me realized that the number of things involved is too much for me to do everything neatly and properly if my scale got larger.

That made me went back to Dolibarr again (I had previously tried once few years back but gave up as I thought it was too difficult to use). So far Dolibarr is not too bad, although it does not have some of the features I would like to have, like the Profit & Loss accounting detailing cost of goods sold, first in first out inventory management and accounting. Google search over a few days did not help much. I am now sticking to Dolibarr for my half of inventory management and customer database. I still do the rest in an Excel spreadsheet.

I took a look at Smartsheet but they require me to pay, something which I am not inclined to. I am sticking to the best free method to do my things.

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