Building Up My New Store

If you have been following me, you would know that I am trying to build up my new online store at one of the ecommerce platforms. It is the backup plan to my impending failing business, which I can only drag but not prevent its doom.

There has been limited success so far, and I had applied the advice of people who had been doing business for some time, the teachings of another ecommerce guru which I attended the free seminar of, and basic common sense.

First, I printed 1000 namecards, which can be gotten cheaply. My friend designed the namecards for me for only $50, which is quite cheap and well done. The namecards do not have my name, but contains other basic contact information. I would love to put my name, but my job does not allow me to have a side job. As my name is not a common name, I thought it would be better if I do not risk anything. I have no intention to use a fake name for business anyway. The namecard also contains a thank you message on the other side and a reminder to leave me a good review if they feel that the customer service and products are satisfactory.

For every new customer order, I would send the customer a picture of the product and its packaging. I would also ask the customer to do a one question survey on why he bought that particular product. After that I would invite him to give me his email address for future members only promotions. There are a whole range of responses from totally ignoring me to fully cooperating with me.

Of course, the platform does not allow sellers to contact the customers directly due to some privacy and policy issues. But well, this is business, the real world. I have worked in sectors which have no choice but to follow every rule to the dot, and I know some big companies have to abide by the smaller rules too. But I am just an individual seller trying to provide good customer service and to get an insight to the market. Knowing the reasons why customers bought a certain product is very useful for me to decide the direction of my sales and procurement. Though I know perhaps all it takes is for one bloody customer to lodge a complain and I will suffer. But for now, I will just continue doing that.

Sales are slow, but very slowly picking up. I have tested quite a few products, but only found one main product for my store and 2 other side products. The rest are just sitting at my physical storeroom collecting dust. Ahhh all that money sunk to it. Not much, but still irritating when I saw the unsold goods. What I thought would sell well and hence I bought more, did not even sell a single piece. It was the try-for-luck item which turned out to be the bestseller.

Well hope that things improve further down the road.


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