Burnout From Job

Today I am not talking about my business, but about my full time job. My job was not originally meant to be a deskbound job, but an active one with much physical activity. However due to my position, I am more often than not confined to the desk more than I would like. Administrative paperwork is not something that I enjoy doing, although I am able to do it well. However the irony is that in order to rise up the career ladder, I cannot avoid handling administrative paperwork now and administrative postings in the future.

There are 3 main reasons why I suffer from low morale and motivation:

  1. The general direction that the organisation is going does not fit with my values.
  2. There are a lot of, in my opinion, meaningless paperwork which are done for the sake of doing it.
  3. Top management does not listen to feedback and hence push down policies and work without even bothering about ground sentiment.

The pay is decent, and there are many other small benefits here and there. It is not that I am going to quit in the near future, neither am I going to retire here with this job. The current job is only a means for me to earn and save up resources. This job provides me the work life balance which I want – a result of me focusing and working very efficiently during my work hours. I do not touch my mobile phone during work hours, a requirement of the job. My other colleagues of the same position are doing overtime or even taking work back home to do. I guess this shows my efficiency and how fast I am trying to complete my work during official hours.

This ‘work life balance’ allows me to spend personal time doing my own business after work.

I am looking to quit at 35, when I achieve financial freedom. Who knows whether I will be able to make it?

Don’t get me wrong. I do not hate my job. In my current posting, I have good colleagues and many interesting experiences. But it is also true there are a lot of worthless administrative paperwork and unreasonable demands which I have to deal with. Despite being tired, I suppose I have to endure for a while more.

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