Supply Crunch Again

Recently I suffered the same supply issue as last time. My new supplier whom I thought is somewhat reliable has no stock all of a sudden. There was the 11.11 Single’s Day sales earlier, which is basically now the world’s biggest shopping sale.

2 of my businesses suffered. The old one was already low on stock, but coupled with the 11.11 sales, I had more demand than supply. As a result I had to turn away a few customers, which meant money which was almost mine flew to other people.

The new business which I am also building to replace the old one also suffered. As it is still a new business, I am hesitant to import large numbers of stocks for fear that I could not sell well. I imported only a few stocks of each variety to test it out. Well it did sold out and I am out of stock. Good bye to more money which I could earn. I have heard, but could not verify elsewhere, that if my product is out of stock it will be bad for my store. The system will somewhat read it as a non-suitable product and for me to get back my old traction again, a lot of effort has to be put in.

I am now trying to find another interim supplier. Previously I had a customer who needs to sell his goods, and his goods happened to be my supply which I need. While we had a business relationship once, we did not manage to get through a pricing agreement later on, and subsequently did not proceed with the transactions we were having. I texted him today, with the intention of compromising to his pricing because I was already desperate. However the reply I got was one which asked who I am. It was surprising because although we did not manage to come to an agreement on pricing and hence the deals were called off, I did not expect him to delete my number away.

I did not proceed to introduce myself further and he replied that he had changed his phone but forgot to import the numbers. That to me is the standard cliche excuse which anyone would have memorized. It seems that from my profile picture he gathered who I am. But still I did not reply him because to be honest I was quite disappointed. But this is reality and businesses always show you an ugly side of reality.

I rejected him partly because of ego issues. And now I have more issues finding the next supplier.

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