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Most of us knows that Wechat is the most popular chat app in China right now. In it there is the Moments section, which acts a bit like Facebook. Imagine Google Wallet, Whatsapp and Facebook all in one app – that is Wechat. Over the past few years there are more and more people doing business in Wechat, which works for people in China, be it the locals or the foreigners living there.

For people like me, who has very friends in China and even lesser business contacts there, Wechat advertising has been a failed attempt years ago. I did not bother trying much anymore until recently, when I advertised out of a random feel. I had created an Instagram account, where I advertised in a half-fucked manner. My namecard even has my Instagram information there. Surprisingly, Wechat had more response than I expected and Instagram is still the expected bots liking my posts. But I think I will give up on Instagram again. It is just not suitable for me.

My Wechat posts had garnered a few likes each time I posted something, but had no sales. As my main business mainly deals with Singaporeans who use Wechat, I thought maybe why not give it a further push? I had long ago identified my target market as Singaporeans living in Singapore, and what better than to use my existing customer base for my next business? So I began advertising for my second business and other side business. It was in Wechat I got my first painting project from an old customer.

Subsequent advertisements did yield questions from customers, but had closed no other sales so far. I had learn from another person that when people look at our posts, they did not want to just see you selling them stuffs. They want to see interesting things. That is why I have also begun to post unrelated funny things to get people interested in what I am posting up.

Hopefully through this experiment I will be able to get more customers and sales. My main business which will collapse sooner or later now has become a tool for me to expand my customer base for as long as I can, and of course for the extra income it brings in in the meantime. To be honest, my backup plan is still far from stable and is currently only a fraction of what my main business can bring me in terms of income. But I know that time is running out and I have to do something to bring it to the next level.

Well, for me, Wechat is somewhat effective now. Hopefully as time goes by I will find my niche in the Singapore market which uses Wechat.

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