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It has been some time since I posted anything. There has been things happening regularly, but was either too busy, too tired or too lazy to update it here. I shall now say what I feel is the most significant event during this period though.

Recently I have a friend who ran into financial trouble, and needed an extra source of income but also the flexibility of time. I introduced to her the concept of dropshipping. In essence, dropshipping is that a seller does not keep any stock, and when orders are received, asks his supplier to send out the goods straight to the customer. There is no risk in keeping inventory, nor is there any much concern about logistics issue unless the supplier screws up. It also allows one to work at home whenever and wherever he likes. There is no financial loss if one does not clock any sales, and a certain value of gain if he manages to sell something.

So I asked my friend to join me, and she agreed after a short period of consideration. Luck be on her side, and she managed to sell something soon. This gives her a bit of encouragement which I think is certainly useful. When I started out, I had no such luck and it was some time before I managed to bring in my first sales. Resellers are important for businesses because they distribute out the goods fast, and when they sell, you earn too. A high turnover allows for better prices with the factory, and saves on shipping cost.

That being said, some resellers are independent and smart people. Some requires more hand-holding while some just do it half-heartedly. Managing resellers is also a job by its own, but its benefits certainly still outweighs the cost. At least it is so for me at this point in time.

For now, let’s hope that my friend will do well. It will be a win-win situation for both of us.

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