I am an average commoner, born in Singapore and lucky to receive a somewhat decent education in a peacetime country. From young I had been trying to achieve financial freedom, with some successes and of course many failures. Throughout my struggles, I have realised that myself included, many people do not have the most basic of financial management knowledge or skillset. The lack of such skills doomed us to be tied down to a job and struck us to never achieve a partial, if not full, financial freedom till we are almost too old and spent.

Financial management starts early, and while there are a few general methods out there, there is no one fixed method which applies to every single one of us. The struggle to partial or even full financial freedom requires sacrifice, effort, discipline and patience. I do not expect everyone to agree with everything I have to say, and like I said I still have much to learn. Feel free to agree or disagree, or even to correct me if I am wrong.

This website seeks to achieve 2 purposes:
1. To detail down my journey towards financial freedom – whether I am successful in the end or not.
2. To share the knowledge from my research and experience with everyone who takes time to read what I have to say.

I hope that you will find something useful enough to take away from this place.