Note: This topic is about discouraging spending lavishly on wedding celebrations, not discouraging having a decent […]
Recently I met a person who was caught in a third party scam while trying to […]
The Practicality of Owning A Car In Countries With Extensive Transport Network While the cars present […]
Bought another 285 BUSD worth of BTC at 45555 BUSD per BTC. This brings my total […]
Bought 1645 BUSD worth of BTC at 46111 BUSD. Originally queued at 44444 BUSD, but could […]
Bought BTC at 44,444 BUSD. Amount put in = 490 BUSD. Click to see full picture. […]
Owning a car seems to be a natural thing to do once your basic needs are […]
In this topic we will only talk about the financial considerations of making a career in […]
The moment we graduate from school, or even before we graduate, we are faced with one […]
Every month, we get our salary and tell ourselves we will need to save up. Yet […]
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