About This Site

Road To Success is a personal sub-website in which I detail how I, a mere commoner, am trying to aim for success.

We have heard of success stories everywhere, filled with glory and brilliance.

We have also heard of quick formula for success, overnight lottery gains and secret formula from the stock market. I once attended an entrepreneurship course, in which the speaker who graduated from Cambridge University told us to keep trying at business no matter how many times we failed. He said he failed 3 times before his current success. The truth is most of us ain’t got a rich dad who will back us up if we failed. Having a rich financial backing meant you could go all out again and again because you know you could afford to fail. That applies even if you are not borrowing from your rich parents.

Mere commoners like me have to think, struggle, start from small or risk getting into big debts. We have a future to think of, and a family to take care of. That is why this site is not about pretty words, neither is it about going all out and take big risks to achieve something. This is also not a place where I give you empty promises of ‘You can do it!’ to make you feel good. Rather, it is about the daily struggles, the small achievements, the setbacks I had to go through to reach my success. I have not yet obtained this success, and I do not know if I ever will.

This site is filled with the realities of life, the decisions I made, which may or may not be wrong. Viewers are welcomed to comment on their personal struggles, as well as to give advice to those who need it. The comment section is opened, though first time comments will most likely require approval.

I will not be giving exact specifics of what I am doing for some of the cases, for obvious reasons. But I will reveal enough information to let people make sense of what is going on. For past cases which is not critical to me anymore, I may also just say out the detailed stuffs.

Hopefully this site serves as a practical encouragement to guide and to advise real commoners like me having real struggle on our quest for success.

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