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Love can be expressed in many ways. But the most direct and effective way is to use money. Money cannot buy love, but it sure can buy many things to show your sincerity and to touch the heart of the other party. A continual shower of gifts will greatly increase the chances of the lady to look at you favourably and slowly fall for you. Of course, being the gentleman you are who looks at inner beauty, you do not assume that all ladies are superficial gold diggers. But it is through your continual sincerity that the lady is finally moved. Afterall, romantic moments can be more easily created with money. Yet we need to be careful, for prolonged privilege may become a right. Hence after a certain dependency is reached, there is a need to withdraw the gifts to let her know that what is important is your relationship with her, not those lower level superficial and material stuff.

Naturally, the lady will make noise and be unhappy about it. But worry not, because there are limited things she can do, since you know her well enough by now. The most she can do is to get into a fight with you and hit you, which you are already prepared but will pretend to be stunned by her actions. In fact you are very much hurt by the way she treats you. The official statement to everyone will always be you did not expect such a violent behaviour from her and you are totally caught off guard. The pain is real.

Of course, being the man you are, you cannot stand idly by while your girlfriend slaps you, no matter the reason. How would other men look at you? That you allow your girlfriend to stand on your head? No, that cannot be. There must be consequences for such bad behaviour. The pain must be felt clearly for her to remember that she should never step out of line. Physical punishments are sometimes necessary. In fact, you should make use of this chance to exert your dominance. To her, and to all others who are looking.

However, being the big-hearted and forgiving man you are, you should extend a helping hand once the lady realises her mistake. What is past is past, and we should look forward together towards the future. Afterall, all you want is to ensure that she appreciates what you have done for her. It is important once again to show her as well as everyone your magnanimity and help her achieve the success she dreams of. It is your job to make her believe that as long as she is with you, you will not only protect her but also to lead her to a glamorous life.

Yet as it is with all humans, she may sometimes get big-headed after a while with all the glamour and actually forgot that you are actually supporting her from behind. She may at times even attempt to be better and more successful than you. It does not matter how capable she is, she can never be allowed to be more capable than you. If not, where would your manliness be if the world saw that you are no longer necessary? How can you still be in control of your relationship and ensure that she will never leave your side? Because you love her, you would not want her to run away. Because you love her, you would not want her to work so hard but trust in your providence. That is why at times, it is necessary to remind her who is the boss, and that she should not think too much. Just be contented and happy with what you allow her to have.

But doing so may cause unhappiness and low morale in the long run, as she now thinks you are restricting her. Sometimes, when 2 people are together for too long, people tend to settle into a comfortable state and show their true nature. That is why when people are dating, all is sweet. Yet when people settled for marriage, they see all sorts of horror stories. That is because you have entered into a legal binding contract that you can only have her, and she can only have you. This is where things sometimes get taken for granted again.

There is a joke that if you have a wife, the wife will fight with you. But if you have many wives, the wives will fight amongst themselves for you. This is evident in history as we see that the many concubines of the kings throughout ages always fight for the favour of that 1 king, no matter what he did. That is because the king is firstly in a position of power, secondly in a position of wealth and thirdly has no lack of women to entertain him. The queen and the concubines felt a sense of danger, that if they did not do all they can to please the king, they would be forgotten and cast away. Now this to them equaled a death sentence, because even if they were cast away, the concubines can never be with another man.

Knowing theories only is insufficient. History has taught us it can be done, and we must apply our knowledge. Now that you have already solidified your authority in the relationship and know that she will not run, it is time to look for another woman. Preferably a woman in distress as she will be more inclined to do anything to get your help. Take note that at such time, you should not be too eager to help them, but see what they are willing to give in order to exchange for your assistance. Afterall, they are desperate. If they are not, then create a situation where they will be desperate.

How many women you are able to get to follow you, willingly or unwillingly, depends on your own capabilities. As one goes forward, one will gain experience. Creating competition for you among your girlfriends will not only place you on a higher level, you now do not need to give them the attention a normal woman expects. Just give them some superficial words or attention every now and then, and they would be contented and have something to look forward to. You ever see on TV those mistress who suffered quietly at the side, bearing and raising the illegitimate child all by herself over the years, never able to share the first joys with her husband yet till the end continued to be faithful and loving towards the man? That little spare time the man offered graciously to her was all the mistress look forward to. Yes, that should be what you need to achieve.

By now you should have access to your girlfriend’s heart and body pretty much. But to control her fully, you cannot just stop there. You have to go all the way. You must let her have the perception that you can enter her whenever you want, wherever you want and in whatever manner you want. She has no choice but to take whatever you give her or do to her without complains and with acceptance. You need to break all of her resistance against you. Your word has to be the law.

Yet to do that, there needs to be another element. Just as the kings of old, if one never shows the scary side of him, people tend to forget that he actually had the capability to deal out punishments. That is why the kings would always have someone to execute – usually those who disobeyed him. Whether the poor soul actually disobeyed the king or not did not matter. What mattered was the reminder to others that the king could execute anyone any time he saw fit.

Fear is an emotion as powerful as love. The instinct to survive motivates people greatly.

Now that you have controlled your multiple girlfriends and ensured that they are loyal, it is time to make them repay your kindness. Afterall, they are where they are now because of you. Surely, some repayment is necessary. And what better repayment is there other than money? You already have her heart and body, hence money is the only practical thing left to give. In fact, at this point, you could even demand payment from her for using her as a toy, because without your love, she is just but a broken and lonely doll. She needs you more than you need her. It is only reasonable to offer payment for what you sacrificially gave her.

But talk is easy. It is one thing to coerce others to submit, another thing to convince others to willingly submit to you without question. This is where brainwashing comes in. Have her know that you are a good man, a man she cannot find anywhere else. Sometimes in a subtle manner, sometimes openly, remind her everyday using different methods that you are a good man who sincerely cares for her. Afterall, she has to believe in her heart that you are great, no matter what others may say. Only then, will she go beyond her usual capabilities and sacrifice her all for you.

Once the minds of your girlfriends are under your control, they will willingly work hard and offer up all their salaries to you. In fact, for you they will even take up loan upon themselves. You can now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. But should you? No, you can now use their money for use on other women and repeat the whole cycle all over again.

Now we are in our final steps. Your girlfriends are many. If you think that they have already given you everything they have to offer, think again. How much value you squeeze out from them depends on your bottom line and creativity. For one, you can offer them to other men in exchange for even more benefits. You just need a combination of brainwashing, coaxing and at times violence to ensure they comply. Once they have agreed to the first time, the subsequent attempts are much easier.

Love is a wonderful thing. But to some it carries a whole new other meaning.

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