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No More Fairytales is a blog that writes about the journey to financial freedom. However, to achieve financial freedom, one should have a wide range of knowledge with a certain depth. Of importance is a sufficiently deep understanding of financial management, economics, politics and current affairs ideally supported by a wider range of other fields which include but are not limited to warfare, history, sociology, psychology etc. This wider range of other fields can be of a shallower understanding and make up what we call general knowledge.

Only when we are clear of what the real situation is, can we look at things more objectively. More often than not, the conclusion we arrive at are ugly and not the fairytale which others tell us. Yet knowing and accepting the ugly truth is one essential trait we must have in order to understand the rules of the society and navigate around as we journey towards success.

Writing this blog often requires research and reading in a wide range of topic. Each article also involves a fair amount of fact check before I can post it in a responsible manner. Yet more often than not, the articles are quite contentious and many may not like to read, much less agree with it and to share it with others. I could choose to take the more popular road and write outright lies or half-truths, which are more positive and encouraging. In fact, doing so will be easier for me as people will be less likely to fact check something positive which they agree with. Taking this route will also earn me much more followers and money easily. Yet I have insisted on writing only the hard truths that people need to know, resulting in a pathetically small follower base.

Of course, writing is a hobby of mine for many years and I am willing to do it in the long term even if I have no renumeration. I have no need to sell my soul to write toxic positivity in exchange for some easy money. That being said, renumeration is always part of the objective. That is why the resource section is set up – to monetise it responsibly.

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Aside from a very few items, the resource section mainly earns through affiliate marketing and referrals. Basically it means that I do not sell the products, but simply refer you to the platform or the company which sells it. For every product you buy through the link provided here, I earn a small commission. For this particular page (or product) which you are reading now, a direct tip to me is made. Just like one would show appreciation to a busker on the streets or give a gift to a live streamer whom you appreciate, similarly a tip on this page is a token of appreciation. Due to the charges by the payment gateway, a minimum tip of $5 is set instead of the preferred $1 to prevent the bulk of the tip from going to the payment provider.

If you have gained something from this blog and/or benefitted from the content, a small tip is appreciated but not obligatory. That being said, if you are a student, there is no need to consider tipping. Save the money for yourself and use it for your own good, or use it to help others who need it more. Free ways to show your support includes following my different social media accounts on my homepage and giving a like when you come across any of my posts.

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