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Life often mirrors that of an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). The players interact with one another, grind through the system, increase in experience and levels, learn all sorts of skills and over time aim to be higher and better than the others. Most MMORPG have a cap on the level, much as how we have a cap on our lifespan. Upon reaching the maximum level, the players’ main objective became grinding and raiding the dungeons for better gear.

But the problem for newbies is that if all things remain constant, they will find it extremely difficult to catch up to the veteran players who have been in the game for a few years. There is a need to attract them and get them on a somewhat equal footing with the older players so that these players feel that they have a fighting chance when competing against them. That is why for almost all MMORPGs, after some time, the difficulty to level up gets reduced.

MapleStory and Perfect World are very good examples of such MMORPGs. When the game started out, it takes very long for a player to grind to a certain level. However as the years progressed, new players find that it is no longer that tedious to achieve the same level. With the help of insane mob skills and experience packs, what used to take an older player 6 months can now be easily completed in a month or less.

This concept is called inflation.

Inflation is imposed by the rulers of every society for 2 main purposes – to motivate the new players (younger generations) and to prevent the veteran players from accumulating too much resources by diluting the value of what they have achieved so far. Officially it is marketed as giving people a sign of progress as people see a gradual increase in their earnings, but if one look at it, the amount of resources one could exchange remains the same. That is why people who are more financially savvy will often advocate for buying of assets to preserve the value of their money. The investments are more commonly in the area of property and stocks. That being said, investments are not risk free as every financial instrument is known to be heavily manipulated. In the worst case scenario, when one does not have any assets or lose money in their investments, they may not even outrun inflation and see their spending power actually reduce over time.

That is why now we see people complaining and even crying on social media about the difficulties of life and how expensive things have become for them, to the point that it is unbearable.

The basic understanding of inflation tells us that we need more of a resource to achieve the same objective – be it more money to buy a certain product, higher qualification to get an entry level job, or a higher rank to do the same job scope. If we look at it the other way, we will notice that for the same amount of resource, lesser things can be done. If we tie this logic to the financial markets, we will realise that many times it works that way without us realising it too.

For example, other than spot trading on the stock market, most other markets are played using leverage. Be it the commodities market, forex, stocks itself or indices, many of us play using leverage. While we try to go in and out quickly, there are simply times when the market goes in the reverse direction and we need to hold it for some time. Not many choose to cut loss and hence the majority are forced to hold onto their portfolios, incurring heavy overnight fees until they sell off everything. The overnight fees will eat into our funds pool and gradually, we are more and more restricted by what we can do.

Fortunately for us, OctaFX does not charge its users overnight fees. Even if you play on leverage, your holdings to the next day will not incur extra cost to you. You do not need to be pressured about selling off due to the accumulation of fees. That is actually a big load off your shoulders, knowing you can trade without fear of the fees piling up and something which you should definitely factor into your risk management. That being said, you are certainly still affected by the movement of the markets, but that is solely on you and not the platform.

Just as a side note, OctaFX is admittedly not very regulated and does not have as high a review score compared to the more reputable ones. Also, it focuses more on forex and the standard commodities, which means it has lesser trading pairs than other more well-known platforms. It does have the main pairs though. Personally I have tried using the platform, and despite its flaws, the absence of overnight fees does help me a lot.

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If you are thinking of finding a new platform to trade, consider OctaFX.

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