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In this world, there are many dirty and disgusting things which the rich and powerful play. But many times there are no solid evidences we can lay out as to what they did. Even if there are, their overwhelming wealth and power presses down against the commoners, and there is nothing you can do. They set the rules and they enforced the rules. The rich and powerful often use double standards to leech out what they can from the commoners. To some, maybe such things are conspiracy theories: The world is fair, the market is transparent, the news are independent and so on. Perhaps we will explore certain questions that we can think about, and the readers will decide and conclude for themselves what is the logical explanation.

When Covid hits, many European countries chose not to go for lockdown early on, opting to do so only for a short while when things get serious. But even then, lockdowns were quickly removed. Despite medical advancement and general science knowledge being so much higher than 100 years ago, the infected and death toll still remains high. Is it because the virus is that powerful? Or did the Governments of the world came to a common understanding that Covid could be used to serve some other purpose? We all know that Covid kills off more of the older people compared to the younger ones. We also know for a fact that many Western countries operate on a pension and welfare system. For example, medical care is free for everyone. But for older people who have stopped contributing to the economy through their labour, yet are taking pension money (as it is their entitlement) and spending more on medical care which is covered by the country, would it be better off economically to keep them alive or to remove them out of the system?

The common timeline for the research, trial and finally official approval of a new drug is about 10 years. During this time, extensive resources are put inside to ensure its safety before it is finally determined fit for human use. Yet the Covid vaccine for all countries were pushed out so quickly and forced upon the masses. Is it logical to say that the entire human race is their lab rat? Afterall, humans are the best experimental subjects for a drug made for human consumption.

With such extensive data, drugs can be refined very quickly, improving their safety and effectiveness along the way. The mRNA technology would also benefit greatly as scientists learn more about them through trial and error. Yet, why do the big pharma refuse to publish the findings of their drugs? Are we all lab rats whose body are jabbed with chemicals with side effects that should not be made known? 55 years later, aren’t most of the adult population dead? Those who are affected by the first few batches of vaccine will no longer be around to question the companies, and the younger population will know nothing about what happened today.

On the effectiveness of the vaccine. First we were told that if we took the vaccine, we would be safe from Covid. But when vaccinated people took and got infected still, they said it was because the vaccine consists of 2 jabs and that the body need some time to generate the immunity after the second jab. Yet when people continually got infected, they said that with the vaccine there would only be mild symptoms. And when vaccinated people start getting into serious health issues, they said vaccinated people had a much lower rate of death. One year later they are starting to push for the booster jab, with considerations for a yearly jab. If you go to the doctor and took a jab for Hepatitis A, but still contracted Hepatitis A when eating certain seafood, will you come back and slap the doctor? Will you accept it if the doctor told you that you should be thankful that you did not die? Even if a particular vaccine does not work for life (eg flu vaccine), will you accept it if the doctor repeatedly change the benchmark on what is the effectiveness of the vaccine?

Whether it is a conspiracy theory, or whether it is something believable, think critically and logically on your own. Find out more information if you have to. This ends the random chit chat for today.

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