The Collective’s Sacrifice

In early 2022, a Douyin (TikTok) video about a woman being chained in the neck in Xuzhou county, Jiangsu province went viral after a visitor to the village took and shared the video. Chinese officials released multiple statements trying to explain the situation but it ultimately could not suppress the truth – that she was trafficked and sold in 1996. When she was rescued, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had no teeth. Though married to another man and had 8 children with him, she was chained up in a dilapidated hut beside the family house. A woman once asked me why her teeth was all pulled out. If any ladies are curious, having no teeth makes it easier, safer and perhaps more pleasurable for a forced oral sex.

In the 1980s, China enforced the one-child policy with an iron fist. For many Chinese who were obsessed with continuing the family line, it only meant that many female babies did not survive, and those who did were often a living sacrifice for a second or even third male born in insistence. It is insignificant if an individual, a clan or even a village prioritised male descendants. But when the whole country did it, one significant problem arose – there are simply insufficient females to produce heirs. In the free market, the women would have many more men to choose from. It also does not help that the rich often have more than 1 woman. This doomed the poorest farmers in the villages to be single.

Human trafficking of girls as sex slaves had occurred thousands of years back, but after World War II it naturally stopped in China simply because there was no incentive to do so under communism. But with the opening up of China and the lure of money, the one child policy incentivised and the market brought back human trafficking, simply because there was demand and money to be earned. Girls were kidnapped and sold either by human traffickers, their own parents or a partnership between both. While some enjoyed a good life, there were countless others whose lives were destroyed. Of course, boys were not spared either.

We can infer further. If a visitor to the village is able to easily capture the video of the chained woman, it goes to say this is not a hidden secret. The villagers know about it, and the government officials supported it. That was why 17 officials were sacked. The above claims has also been proven. The men need someone to vent their sexual desires on, the families need descendants, the villages need labourers, the counties need people to drive up the economy. Hence, the needs and desires of the majority can be fulfilled by sacrificing a small population. If treated as a tool, the sacrifice of one woman can meet the needs of the greater good.

This brings us back to what we said in the first article of this series: Justification gives people the perceived legitimacy to carry out acts of evil without remorse and to deconflict their cognitive dissonance. Over time, as a collective, people conditioned themselves to be able to dish out punishments to the sex slaves and be indifferent to their sufferings both as a tool and as a reproductive machine. If the slave is treated as a human, then whatever treatment she was getting cannot be tolerated. However if she is seen as nothing more than a tool, then everyone except her is happy. If she is nothing but a tool, then everything is justifiable. This is one example of the famous trolley problem. It never was a dilemma to begin with. Across China and the world, there are many more trolley situations in the same setting.

As a collective, people enforce their will on a few unlucky souls so that the overall system can carry on and most people can benefit from it. Just as a short sidetrack, this topic often leads down to the debate of the law and whether we should have the death sentence – to have a system where we will let go of the 99 so that the 01 will not be innocently sacrificed, or to take down the 99 even if 01 has to be collateral.

But what about the common people? How do we play a part in all of these? I will give 2 short but familiar examples before moving on for the sake of new readers.

Thailand is one of the world largest exporter of seafood, and a very big portion of it is run by modern day slavery, where fishermen were often abused and murdered. Yet when we go to the markets we often will still choose seafood to eat. Although much of the West at one point in time planned to boycott China’s cotton over the alleged use of Uyghur’s forced labour, which has not been proven, everyone happily eats seafood which has been proven to be harvested from slave labour. Why? Because boycotting China’s cotton does not impact their daily lives due to its small export volume, but boycotting seafood does. Justice can only have a place after personal needs and desires are satisfied.

What about pornography and even prostitution? It is a known fact that while not all, many women were tricked and coerced into the line. Yet many had frequent transactions with prostitutes and even more watched pornography regularly. As a collective, we have endorsed the system and paid for it, building our happiness and desires around it. This is not an article to talk about morals so I will leave this here. But it is a good reminder to ourselves that many of us are not as saintly as we think we are.

After going through what we have done to sacrifice others for our own good, we now ask ourselves one important question. Am I a sacrifice in any of the collective’s decision?

Witch hunts in the Middle Ages saw many innocent people, naturally including women, tortured and executed. Witch hunts were made use of by the upper class and the Church to hold a firm grip on the population. Any signs of defiance can be attributed to rebellion against God and immediately slapped with the crime of witchcraft followed by execution. Women who had rejected the sexual advances of certain men were also dragged down as witches and underwent torture, rape and finally execution after they have been completely dominated and ravaged. Witch hunt was but a tool used to control and manipulate the masses in order to fulfill their own desires. Politically, witch hunt was a tool of control for ‘market share’ (more on that later) and of pacification. Any disasters such as famine or plague could also be pushed to a select few for the masses to vent their anger and frustrations.

We see now that the situation has escalated from a collective’s push for their overall benefit by sacrificing a few to a tool being made use of by the ruling party to exert their absolute power. While praising God on one hand, these people exercised a violence that makes it seem Satan was their god instead. For a religion like Christianity where love is a central theme, they have indeed loved the masses especially the women with violence.

What is the modern day equivalent? There are many examples, but today we will talk about the far-left. The LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and more) issue for example. For 5000 years people have been born either male or female with the occasional hermaphrodite who is born with both the male and female reproductive organs. Though there are indeed homosexuals around and people who thought they were born in the wrong body gender, nowhere else in the history of mankind has this been taken so far and so extreme. It has become even insensitive and downright offensive to some people for assuming one is male or female, straight or not.

In sociology, assumptions is one of the basic communication tools one has. We assume things all the time. Only when basic and necessary assumptions are made can a conversation proceed. For example if I ask my friend ‘How is your day going?’, he assumes I am asking about his overall or recent well-being as a conversation starter. He is not going to take offence and go: ‘Why do you assume I am operating in the day and not the night?!’ However, people now have begun to take great offence at basic assumptions that has been standing for thousands of years.

From LGBTQIA+ to skin colour, from feminism to veganism, from child labour to sex slavery, many of us contribute in one way or another to the system in place, yet take great offence if others do not say or stand for the politically correct thing. Political correctness has gone from proclaiming the greatness of God in the Middle Ages to being the sorry state we are now at. If burning on the stake is still allowed today, you probably can be sure many will be crucified today just for disagreeing that 2 non-binary genders marrying each other is just as wholesome and holy as a traditional union between a man and a woman.

Behind the mask of being progressive and encouraging people to be sensitive towards one another, the far-left have become extremely intolerant of people who do not hold the same views as them. Exactly like how the Christians in Middle Ages acted. So now we have drawn the parallel between the far-left today and the witch hunt of the Middle Ages, once we drill down to who are the people or groups who benefitted from all these far-left policies and kept pushing for such extremes, we will be able to understand better what is going on.

Politically, the balance has always been alternating between the left and the right. Generally, the left wing is characterized by an emphasis on ‘ideas such as freedom, equality, fraternity, rights, progress, reform and internationalism’ while the right wing is characterized by an emphasis on ‘notions such as authority, hierarchy, order, duty, tradition, reaction and nationalism’. To take down the enemy, one has to neutralise whatever the enemy stands for.

If you believe in traditional marriage, I will promote homosexual marriages. If you promote authority (where men generally held power), I will promote equality and feminism. The list goes on. I am not saying that the right wing is against equality and feminism and things that the left may stand for, afterall there are many neutral parties with a slight inclination towards either left or right. But to take down the right, the left goes to the extreme, and started a witch hunt.

Witch hunts can be started first by people who have the power and second by people who controls the voices of the people, and in the modern day we call it the media. In the West, the left generally controls the media. CNN and New York Times are very good examples. Try saying you do not believe in God in the Middle Ages in Europe. Try saying homosexual relationships are unnatural now. We have come to a point where if you do not say the politically correct answer, you will suffer not only in your social life but also your career. Just as the left is trying to gain control from the right, witch hunts were also a competition between the religions to get more control. If you do not stand with me, then be prepared to die. I dare you to stand on the opposing side of me. This is why Donald Trump, though as idiotic as he may look (he is smart though) has such a high support rate. Because the left has tilted the balance and started an all-out witch hunt, then naturally the opposing forces will be even more extreme.

Economically, it is not that difficult to understand who support the far-left too. Just take a look at which are the corporations which were left to begin with, and which companies stand to benefit from all these absurd policies.

I do not know how many people willingly become Christians after hearing the Church proclaiming the love of God every day, but it does not matter, as long as you do what I want you to every day, and say what I want you to say every day. Over time, you will be conditioned to think like me. Just like how an ordinary person completed his torture training and finally became part of their ranks.

You know what does this look like? North Korean re-education camps.

Last note: I am a Christian and this article is not intended in any way to be sarcastic towards Christianity. However it is important to look at the truth without bias so we can know what is going on. Even if you believe God is great, you better believe His people are sinful.

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