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One of the seemingly major flaw of Donald Trump which is often made fun of by people is the use of his language. His manner of speaking seems to be crude, spoken without thought and measure. Such manner of speaking is unbefitting of the president of the strongest country in the world. To cut to the chase, this is one famous video put out. The stark contrast being Barack Obama and Donald Trump is so great, that this became news. Although as we now know, most of the news outlets are controlled by the DNC. Turn on the subtitles for the video below if you need to.

I used to work in a place where I had to interact with many uneducated or lowly educated people on a daily basis. One day a superior came to me with a task to brief the general population of the people I interact with. The briefing he gave me was worded in a professional and fanciful manner, and he asked if I had anything to add before submitting to the management for approval. I said that the population we were planning to address did not have that high of a literacy level, and while this broadcast was worded very well, it will not achieve the objective of getting our message across. We will need to dumb down the speech. However, my opinion was rejected and the original script for the briefing were submitted to the management. At that moment I understood, that the broadcast was just a paper game for the management to see and feel satisfied about. Whether the target population we were trying to reach understood what we were trying to convey is not an important issue.

In the workplace we call that ‘optics’. To put up a good show for the world to see. Results does not matter.

Despite being the most powerful country in the world, with a lot of highly capable people working in famous places like Silicon Valley and the fanciful buildings of Wall Street, the average American is not very intelligent. A big pool of highly capable people were immigrants from other countries. But the actual Americans who could vote does not have a very high literacy rate. They would not understand complicated things like taxes, healthcare, budgets, foreign policies and all. These high level discussions and debate often held by past presidential candidates were not only meant for the more capable people to see, but also for the whole world to see. In fact, in my country, there are a whole host of university graduates who could not even make sense of the topics I mentioned above.

Nobody gave a damn to the low-level uneducated people.

In comes Trump, where he speaks in a simple yet crude language, but in a manner everyone across the literacy spectrum could understand. When people speak in a manner you can understand and identify with, you will naturally feel closer compared to the ‘high and official tone’. Donald Trump is a successful businessman. A political clown yes, but definitely also a successful businessman. In that capacity it should be undeniable that he has firstly the intelligence and secondly the literacy capacity to speak and write in a professional, measured and official manner. But he chose not to. Because that manner of speaking will not get him close to his support pool of voters – one that is mainly made up of rednecks.

And suddenly, Trump is the one who cares about the low-level educated people, at least a significant portion of it. He is someone these bottom feeders, sick of corporate America, could identify with.

I am not saying that all political candidates should speak like Trump. I would like my political leaders to speak like Barack Obama. However, in the highly divisive capitalist America it is today, where the rich few holds the resources and the poor are left to die, where the normal masses are pushed on all sides by the woke nonsense and political correctness, someone like Donald Trump who comes up and tells everyone to shove all pretenses up their asses surprisingly resonates brightly with the voters.

The average voters do not really care who is in power. They only want a peaceful life, a decent job which brings in a decent income so that they can support their family and their kids can go to school. In the highly capitalist society of America where even the prisons can be privatised, and where basic core resources are squeezing the masses dry, the voters have no time to listen to the big dreams and colourful stories. They know all these are just ‘optics’.

Singlish is Singaporean English, a twisted form of English. At times Singlish is very effective in communicating with very few words. If we assume Trump is a Singaporean behaving in a typical Singaporean gangster manner, Trump would have stood up, pointed his finger at all the nonsense and the idiots, and told them straight in the face with a very clear and direct message that the bottom feeding voters could understand and want to hear: Fuck you understand.

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