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Every now and then, there is a new crypto-currency being released onto the market. Every coin claimed to solve a host of problems, but till today few have really shown results. As a result, the majority of the market does not really care about what the coin does. Rather the market only sees the coin as another option in the exchange market to speculate. Recently, another coin called the Worldcoin has been released into the market with some hype.

In summary, Worldcoin is a crypto-currency project spearheaded and co-founded by Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, whose most famous product is ChatGPT. Basically the boss of ChatGPT came up with a coin with the usual aim of solving a whole host of problems. Whether it achieves that in the end or not, we do not know. But here are some practical stuffs and an opportunity for you to get your hands onto some cold hard cash.

Signing Up For Worldcoin

Upon signing up with Worldcoin, you will receive 76 Worldcoins over a span of 12 months after verification. The first 10 Worldcoins is given out on the spot after verification, with the rest being spread out over the months. At the point of writing, 1 Worldcoin is worth 9 USDT. This means that just for doing almost nothing, you will receive 76 x 9 = 684 USDT worth of money. If you sign up using this link, you should get 3 more Worldcoins (accurate at the time of writing). At current point in time, 1 USDT = 1 USD.


This comes the slightly more complicated part. To verify, you will need to go to one of the orbs which Worldcoin placed around the world. Currently, Worldcoin only has orbs in 10 countries at the moment, but we should expect more countries and locations to be added as time goes by. In Singapore where I am, this is also the same.

worldcoin orbs location

If at this point in time you are fortunate to have an orb located near you, simply pop over an orb and verify yourself. An orb looks like this:

The Catch

There is no free lunch in the world. The verification will require the orb to scan your face and your eyes – basically a blatant project to buy your data. To some, this is nothing. To some such as me, I was a bit hesitant at first because I would not want to sell my data.

But if we think about it logically, many of us have provided data to the different private companies or government agencies. Whether it is for unlocking your phone, or to register with some government agencies, such data has been provided. You may also have realised that every now and then, a certain big company would have a ‘massive data leak’, or a less than competent government agency in certain countries may also have an unexpected ‘data breach’. Considering this kind of situation, it is inevitable that whether we like it or not, our data are in the hands of some unscrupulous entities.

Ultimately, whether to sell your data for near 700 USD is up to you.

Cashing Out Worldcoin

Probably the most important question you want to know. As mentioned above, upon verification, 10 Worldcoins will be given to you immediately. You will then need to wait for 24 hours before you can cash out to any crypto-exchange or wallet of your choice. If you are familiar with crypto-currencies, then you can skip this portion. Else, you can just open an account with any crypto-exchange such as Binance (currently the world’s biggest crypto-exchange), transfer your Worldcoins to your crypto-exchange account, then sell it on the market for USDT. You will be able to cash out your USDT after that. More info about starting on your crypto journey can be found here.

Referral Links

Sign up for Worldcoin with this link and get 3 more Worldcoins (accurate at time of posting): https://worldcoin.org/join/XXUFLK1

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