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Jeffrey Epstein is now a household name, so I will not go too in-depth about the background and context. He was first investigated in 2005 and charged in 2006, but remained relatively unscathed until 2019 when he was arrested and thrown into prison again, where he allegedly committed suicide and the matter was laid to rest. Or so everyone thought.

It has been more than 2 weeks since I last updated this blog as I was bogged down by other matters and subsequently fell sick. Since I had not touched on current affairs and politics for some time, we will do it today. This article is not going in-depth into Epstein’s case, but about the political infighting and why the case was suddenly blown up again.

When 2 organisations, parties, companies or whatever entity fights, there is usually a red line both will not cross. As long as the red line is not breached, fighting can be done in any manner – be it using aboveboard or underhanded means, in public or under the table. For the US, the 2 parties has also abided by this rule. No politician is clean, neither are their family members. That is why in US politics, no matter how fierce their fights may seem to be, they simply do not drag down each other’s family members or expose each other’s darkest secrets. When one side wins, the other side will just accept it. It is the rules of the game. Play the game, obey the rules. As Winston from the movie John Wick aptly puts it: Rules. Without them we’d live with the animals.

It all changed when Trump became President and the DNC (the Democrats) decided to flip the table. At first, it started small, with their people calling for Trump’s resignation before he even assumed office. The next thing came when DNC played cheat with their mailed-in votes. Still the GOP (the Republicans) endured. Play by the rules. The next thing came when Trump was harassed by the law enforcement over the years over various charges, with attempts to stop him from running for President.

Whether we like it or not, Trump’s influence is there and he is a legit threat to the DNC. He went off telling people to vote for him because he’s rich, and by extension will not be influenced by the donors. Trump spewed nonsense all the time. Trump had his share of flowery stories with various women. He has been in so many situations that his image is not one of a clean, morally upright, serious presidential candidate.

Trump is no saint. But whatever he does, while undermining his image as a presidential candidate, has no cause for him to be labelled as evil. A clown maybe. Evil? No. That is why there is no hold on him. He has no dirt which would sink him. A person (Nancy) who takes illegitimate money can be controlled. A man (Anthony) who has blood on his hands can be put on a leash. A man who has sex with a minor can be choked. That dirt which both sides held ransom on each other marked the red line neither will cross. If you have no dirt, you have to go. History is full of righteous people who ended up either in prison or dead.

Of course, Trump did a lot of things which were contrary to the common understanding between the 2 parties. George Bush started the war in the Middle East, Barack Obama continued it but Donald Trump withdrew troops from the Middle East. Both DNC and GOP went all out to ensure both the North and South Korea will never unify, but Trump facilitated a peace talk between the 2. The political dominance which the previous presidents planted were sold by Trump for money. Japan, Taiwan and Russia are also some other examples Trump acted against both parties’ common understanding. But ultimately Trump is on the GOP side. And Trump having a lot of support from the rednecks is also indirectly supporting the GOP.

We go back to Epstein’s case. Epstein’s client list was supposed to be hidden, never to see the daylight. And from 2019 to 2023 it has been that way, with neither side pushing for it. However, with the recent attacks against Trump, it seems that both Trump and the GOP has reached the limits of their patience. They have crossed the red line far too many times. A step further and he would end up like John F. Kennedy. Afterall, assassination is always an option.

In 5 Jan 2024, a federal court ordered for Epstein’s list to be unsealed. We now look at the list of the US Supreme Court justices.

epstein client list supreme court justices

Supreme Court justices are like the Pope – their positions are held till they resign or till they die. Currently, 6 out of 9 Supreme Court justices are on the side of the GOP. It would be far-fetched to say that a federal court decided to release the list without the approval (be it implicit or explicit) of the Supreme Court justices. Just a side note here that while Donald Trump’s name was in the list, there was no mention of any wrongdoings. Him being friends with Epstein was a long-known fact.

Let us take note of a few well-known names with political influence. Bill Clinton ‘likes them young’. Do note this impact on Hillary Clinton’s political career too. Alan Dershowitz, the former Harvard law professor with political affiliations to the DNC is named in the list for having sex with minors, being a participant and also a witness to the abuse of minors. Harvard itself leans quite heavily to being liberal (Democrats), with their law faculty extremely liberal. This also effectively shuts down whatever the top university has to say. Do take note the influence that a top university and its graduates have in the various spheres of society. Al Gore, named in the list but like Trump seems to be clean. Nothing on him. But still his name appears. The public will only know many DNC members’ names appeared. The damage to the reputation of DNC is serious.

This is the first retaliation by the GOP, one which crossed the red line. It not only brings down the direct people involved, but also a whole bunch of others. That being said I am glad to see that the list has been publicised. 2024 is the US presidential election year, and the GOP started it out with a bang. Needless to say, there will be many more follow-up actions on both sides to this incident, and we can expect more extreme measures to be taken in the fight for the White House. We can expect many more reports of evil doings, and perhaps one or two assassination.

America is still number 1. But America has started to fail.

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