Life Expectancy

For all the talk about life, politics, economics and everything, sometimes straightforward data presented in a visually digestable format is the fastest way to get an idea across. That is why I am introducing a new feature in this blog – data presentations. Similar to my blog posts, I will start small and slowly scale up and improve as time goes along.

For the very first dataset, we talk about life expectancy – the average life expectancy across the world, in your country and between genders. Life is short. Play around with the data dashboard, key in your details and see actually how much time you are expected to have. Hopefully that will give you a mini-push to continue working towards your goal. Because all of us do not have much time left.

Note: You may need to wait for a few seconds for the dashboard to load. There is a button to expand to full screen at the bottom right corner. You can interact directly with this dashboard from whichever browser you are looking at.

The data male, female and overall life expectancy is taken from the World Bank, which you can access and verify by clicking the links.

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