7500 PowerPoint Templates


7500 PowerPoint templates.
74 GB in total size.
PowerPoint templates to suit your every presentation needs.
Save time and effort trying to find the right template.

Note: Many templates contain Chinese characters instead of the standard Lorem Ipsum. It does not affect anything.
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Prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

Many of the successful people we have seen today have rich parents. In fact, a whole load of memes have been made regarding that. Rich parents or a strong family background allows for far more resources at their disposal compared to the others, and in the process saving a lot of time. The human lifespan is limited, and by the time an average human gets back up from failure, accumulated enough resources to really have a go at it, he will most likely be old.

That is why when parents start helping their kids from a very young age, the kids will have a much higher probability of doing well. Be it money, network, guidance, opportunities, the rich children do not need to spend time accumulating resources before trying out a venture. They do not need to spend time getting out of the pits of a failure and hesitating whether to try again another round or not. In short, with the resources given to them by their families, they have saved on one very important thing: time.

Time is the only somewhat equal resource allocated to all of us. How we spend our time determines how fast and how far up we climb. Having rich parents is akin to having a speed boost in the game of life. In the time people take to grind 1 project, they have already completed 10. From young, they received a far better education and attained knowledge beyond academics which others spent years getting, they got the opportunities to keep trying, the backing to fail without worry of debt and the network to accelerate any venture they try. That is why successful businessmen like to tell you that they keep persisting despite multiple failures and finally made it out successful. In all their failures they have attained the required experience and wisdom to be successful in the shortest possible time.

use time efficiently and effectively

That is why people scorned at second-generation rich people when they said they depended on themselves for their success. And that is why first-generation rags-to-riches stories are so inspirational. Because these people defied all odds to stand at the top.

In whatever we do, time management is a critical skill. It allows us, within reasonable limits and in accordance to our situation, to do more things in a given set of time. With this, we either gain skills or experience faster, or try out more things and consequently, achieve a higher probability of success. Different people have different success formulas. There are some who swear by the idea that one cannot just be focusing on one single skill, but the need to have a wide range of skills, ie being the jack of all trades. Then there are those who are the total opposite. In fact, one person who swear by the latter even suggested taking out half of your monthly income to pay people to do the things that you are not good at, just so you can free up more time to focus on your own stuff. But whatever it is, they have one thing in common – superb time management skills. Their difference lies in how they make use of their time.

For many of us, the average people, we do not need to be so extreme as to spend half our monthly income to hire someone else to settle our business. But there are certainly some money which if spent, can save us a great deal of effort and time. One example is that of finding a suitable PowerPoint template for our presentations, be it for school, for work, or for business deals. Creating a deck of fanciful PowerPoint slides is now considered part of a core skill of any student or white-collared worker. Yet different situations and settings demand for different PowerPoint themes and templates. While there are different free templates around, finding a good one often require us to pay a certain amount just for 1 template.

Now, we are offering a set of 7500 templates at a total size of 74 GB for download. The set covers every area you will need, from business proposals to student graduation, from job applications to year end summary report, there is a template to meet your every circumstance. For a small price, you will be able to save much time and effort, allowing you to use the freed up time more effectively and efficiently for other things.

A small price to pay for the amount of time and effort you saved.

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