The Big Opportunities For Business – Part III, The Men

In my last 2 articles I mentioned this Chinese phrase: 老人怕死,女人怕醜,男人好色,孩子貪玩 / 怕笨, which serves as the basis of this article series.
This translates to “The old are scared of death, the women are afraid of being ugly, the men are lustful, the children are playful / scared of being stupid.

Men are very visual and lustful creatures. The sex industry is worth billions of dollars as men consume a large amount of sex and sex-related activities. From prostitution to pornography, from sex toys to sexy influencers on Instagram, the market has provided multiple avenues for men to fulfil their lust and fantasies to varying amounts of degree. Evolution theory states that biologically it is inbuilt within men that they want to spread their seed as much as possible in order to maintain the population of the species. Well whether you believe in that evolution theory or not, it is indeed a fact that the lust of men is far greater than that of women.

It is no wonder that for certain products which are aimed at the male market, certain tactics to invoke the lust of men to influence decisions are made. Even the day to day saleswomen in the insurance, banking, property etc line are dressed well with make-up, all to soften the men in order to close deals. To take it a step further, it is common knowledge that in order to close sales, some went as far as sleeping with their male customers.

Background wise, this is quite straightforward, so there is not much need to explain or debate further. So how do we make use of specifically this aspect of men to capture a market which we can use?

Setting Up A Shop
Yes this is a repeated suggestion across this article series because it is the most straightforward and direct method to capitalise on it. But what to sell in the shop differs for the different segments which we discuss. While many opt for opening of pubs with beer ladies to accompany the customers, or to set up a sexy massage shop with happy endings, for our article we will talk about selling things which any one of us can do in an aboveboard and healthy manner.

For today, let us change a perspective, since this will also be related to the next topic on children. When we sell products with men as the final consumer, the target buyer need not actually be men. For example, many women wear sexy lingerie not for themselves, but to please their husbands or their boyfriends, or whoever it is that they wish to in a private setting. When you set up a business (be it online or physical retail) selling sexy lingerie, your buyers are the women but the final consumers are actually the men. So with this example in mind, do not restrict yourself to selling items that only men will buy. Rather think of men as the final consumers, regardless of whether they are the actual buyers or not.

Social Media
There are many sexy and pretty influencers on Instagram and all kinds of social media, where all they do everyday is just to post photoshopped and heavily filtered pictures of themselves in skimpy clothing everyday for people to like and drool on. While this is certainly one way to expand your following very quickly, such methods have no value and are built on a rocky foundation. Afterall, with technology, every girl can be a pretty one. If you are going to go on social media, do something which has actual value. For example, I have seen a Youtube channel where the lady plays anime music on piano, and for every anime music that she plays, she cosplay one of the characters in the anime. Pretty good I must say. She did not reveal too much of her skin, she did what she is supposed to which is playing the piano, but she took the effort to appear pretty and appealing to a particular group of guys. Such channels have a higher chance of success over the long term, because she has a core fanbase in which her looks is an added incentive to following her, but not her main point of attraction. Use the tool of the female beauty well and as an aid to whatever you are doing, and you will have a much higher success.

Have you seen bubble tea shops which employs pretty girls? Or perhaps online stores putting up the pictures of sexy models to attract eyeballs? There has been a recent mini-trend of using visually appealing girls to help out in stalls selling the most common things. From bubble tea to fried noodles, as long as you can attract the eyeballs you capture the male market. Such living and walking advertisement are effective. When men gets horny, their brain stops functioning. Even if they know that the pretty girl will never remember them, or if whatever they are selling is simply not value for money, the sex appeal is sufficient to cover every other shortcoming.

There are many ways to reach an objective. How far you go depends on how creative you are and how well you understand the consumer psychology. Today’s topic saw the use of sex appeal to influence the decision-making or even cripple the thinking of the male population. Of course, while I avoid talking about downright immoral solutions which earns the most money easily, I have to admit certain suggestions above are in the grey area. Compared to dealing with caring for the elderly or targeting the fear of being ugly in women, going straight for the lust factor in men does seem to be more shady. But even if you do not intend to use them, it is good to know the tactics as businesses will be using them against you or on the people around you to influence spending decisions.

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