The Practicality Of Personal Financial Management

Recently this come across in my Facebook post a few times and it was shared by quite a few people, so I thought I would write a post on this.

At first look what this person said echoes with many of us. It is true that our generation suffers from inflation and overpriced items. Our parents’ generations got everything relatively cheaper when measured against their salary. The house, the car, the daily expenses are all affordable. Yet everything around us these days seem to get more and more expensive.

What the above means probably is this: You spend the bulk of your money on daily necessities and essential bills, and what is left of it is so little you cannot snowball your wealth through prudent financial management. If I infer a step further, there is also the issue of inflation beating down on our real wages.

Someone once told me this: We wash our hands everyday to clean it. Yet we do not achieve 100% cleanliness, for there is always some bacteria left. Does that mean we totally give up on hygiene? No. We do what we can, even if it is not perfect.

As mentioned in my earlier posts, do not just depend on one job for an income. Expand more sources of income. Keep thinking, keep trying. Nobody said it is easy. The big capitalists of the nations are trying to leech off you to fill up their pockets. There is nothing we can do to change the overall climate. But you still have to keep trying.

As long as you are healthy and educated, living in a free and peaceful nation, you have no excuses. Work hard, work smart. We may be living in a difficult environment, but we are also living in a technological advanced world where many other opportunities have opened up. Do not be like those disgruntled old men who scold the government and curse the society everyday, yet do nothing to achieve anything in their lives. Nothing will change if you do not help yourself. Nobody will pity you, nobody will show compassion on you.

Be responsible for yourself and your (future) family. Work hard, work smart, live well.

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