[Trading Portfolio] 2024 Week 19

This week I bought 1100 shares of Three Gorges Renewables Group Co Ltd (Ticker: 600905) at 4.70 RMB per share. This brings my total holdings to be at 2700 shares, with an average price of 4.71 RMB per share. Not much, but I intend to slowly accumulate over the months.

Read more on why I choose to invest in Three Gorges Renewables Group Co Ltd: https://no-more-fairytales.com/china-three-gorges-renewables-group-co-ltd-600905/

Separately, it has been a dull week for my forex and commodities trading. I earned a total profit of only 16 USD. There had been times when I was tempted to open more trades, but decided to stick to plan. Rather be safe than to take unnecessary risks. In trading, self-preservation is priority, profits come second. You will have more opportunities as long as you are still in the game.

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