[Trading Portfolio] 2024 Week 17 And 18

I have just expanded my website to include my trading and investment portfolio, which I will try to update weekly. This is the first post, and not all information will be put in immediately. There will be no heavy content, but rather mainly picture proofs of my trades with probably some explanation if necessary.

Week 17

Ignore the mis-alignment of the pictures. I had to make it Instagram-fit but was too lazy to make it perfect for every platform I post this on.

In the week of 22-26 April I had earned a profit of 109 USD. Also managed to close an old trade which went wrong without any losses. You may have noticed that the old trade which closed at just $0.40 profit was the biggest trade at 0.1 lot. I had learnt from my previous mistake and decided to scale down to 0.01 lots per trade to reduce risk.

Week 18

From the week of 29 April to 3 May there was a profit of 94 USD. Although there was only 1 XAUUSD trade, it made up more than half of this week’s profit.

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